We specialize in Carolina-style BBQ and simple, delicious sides. This is true, dry-rub BBQ, presented with vinegar-based sauces. We began offering our BBQ to the Bay Area in late 2008 as a sporadic, underground delivery and catering service. Now a full-time enterprise, we offer our BBQ every day through catering and a permanent partnership with Southpaw BBQ, as well as weekly pop-up services and chilled home delivery. We proudly use all-natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free meats, and we smoke all of our meats with locally cut almond wood. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy traditionally-prepared BBQ, and we are happy to offer a range of vegan and vegetarian options in addition to our "classic" menu. Whether it's an office lunch, a big game, a lazy night at home, or hanging out with your friends and family, Sneaky's hits the spot. How does it work? Keep reading.

All catering deliveries are delivered hot at the time specified by our clients. Here's what you need to do: check out our menu to familiarize yourself with our offerings, and contact us at sneakysbbq@gmail.com with any and all pertinent details, menu and portioning questions, or other information regarding your event. We will be happy to help arrange the perfect menu for you and your event, whatever the size and scope. 

Friday Deliveries
All Friday deliveries are prearranged and presented chilled, with reheating instructions provided upon request. Delivery will take place between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (unless otherwise specified), and will go to your home, office, friend's house, park, wherever you want, as long as it's in San Francisco (Oakland deliveries are available when stated on the schedule).  Here's what you need to do: read our offered menu and email your order to sneakysbbq@gmail.com. Please provide your planned method of payment, delivery address, phone number, and a 2-hour window for your delivery time. We will respond to your email to confirm your order, and you will receive your delivery on Friday. If there are any other important details, please let us know in your email. If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to ask, and feel free to forward this information to anyone who might be interested.

Other Information
Do you want to enjoy the Bay's best BBQ, get a sweet discount, and include your friends? Well, we have some deals for you. First, spread the word about Sneaky's and encourage your friends to order food for delivery or catering. In placing their order, have them mention your name and the referral, and you'll get 10% off of your next order. You can also write us a review on Yelp and email a link to us, which will also get you 10% off of your next order. Additionally, if you are not doing it already, follow Sneaky's on Facebook, Twitter (@sneakysbbq), and Instagram (sneakysbbq). There will be posts concerning other ways to get discounts on the best BBQ in the Bay, so get on it. In short: if you like what we are doing, spread the word.